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Translex Publishing
Lexicography | Terminology management & consultancy | Patents | Linguistic Software | Technical translations
About us

Translex Publishing is a translation services provider and
publisher specializing in the authoring and production of
foreign language technical and scientific dictionaries,
both online and on CDROM. Translex Publishing offers a
wide range of other linguistic services, including
translation, terminology management, database
programming and technical authoring, including patents
and patent reviews.

Whether it's a specialized technical dictionary you need,
online or CDROM dictionaries in specialized fields, or
experts to build, manage and maintain in-house or
external corporate terminology systems or translation
work, we can help. We have more than 25 years of
experience in technical translation work for the
industrial sector, in developing terminology management
systems and portals and in developing linguistic software
(including fully customized online database solutions).
We specialize in:

- technical translations (NE-EN, EN-NE, DE-NE, DE-EN)
- patent examinations, reviews and translations
- website translations
- online glossary portals
- terminology management software
- terminology research and consultancy
- online database scripting (ASP, PHP etc.)
- linguistic software
- lexiography (including consultancy)
- hardback publishing
- LQA (linguistic reviews)

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